We design, manufacture and install trim removal system for paper mills

We install paper trim and dust extraction plants in paper mills, for the rewinding machines and the reel-sheet cutters.

We have developed plants for the most esteemed manufacturers, such as Tecno-paper, A.Celli, Toscotec, IMS Tecnologies, Goebel, Milltex, Jagenberg and Pasaban

The paper trimmings extracted are unloaded directly inside the pulper or in the bale-press.

The dusty air used to transport the trimmings is filtered through bag filters before being re-introduced into the atmosphere. Our paper dust filters are compliant with the ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive.

Photos of our plants. In particular of a trimmings extraction plant for an entire paper mill, made up from:

  • N°2 extraction lines for two rewinding machines
  • N°3 product trimmings extraction lines from six sheeters
  • N°5 extraction and shredding lines for the waste of the rejected sheets produced from the sheeters
  • N°2 air/paper separation units installed above two bailing press
  • N°2 dust filtration units
  • Extraction system for the dusts collected in the filters to direct them into a briquetting machine